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kkatlasHi! My name is Katrina and I am a freelance writer and artist. My passion is video game journalism and I have previously contributed to publications like:

PopOptiq | The Indie Game Magazine | Pixel Dynamo | KeenGamer | PookyBox

I currently weave words for Gameranx & GameGrin. I have loved games since I was a child, and that passion has never faded. One of my fondest memories is playing Tetris for the first time on a tiny handheld device, and not realising there was a rotate button.


This particular blog you’ve stumbled upon is primarily dedicated to game reviews, battles, and analyses, but I may go off on a linguistic tangent from time to time.

In the future, I hope to make my own games that teach people something. I used Sploder to make a game called “Nihongo no tesuto” or My Japanese Test. Click here to give it a go – I hope you learn something from it.

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hey Katrina, recently started goblin sword, and so far it’s a great play. Definitely pays homage to some of my favorite games from the NES/SNES days. Anyway, maybe a dumb question, but I noticed a quest was put out 10 torches. I’ve found numerous torches but can’t figure how to us them out!

    1. Hi Dylan, I’m glad you found it! Definitely agree, I would love a few more games like this. No, not dumb at all, you can use either the ice sword or wave sword. Then just stand next to the torch and slash, it will be extinguished. Good luck with all the other quests:)

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