Game Opinion: Favourite Games From 1997-2017

TWENTY YEARS worth of favourite video games sounds like a lot, and it certainly tells you what I’ve been doing with my life. Ahem.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the myriad psychological articles online? You know, the ones that inform how you can discern much about a stranger’s personality by their shoes, clothing, and their favourite fish from the Paleozoic era? Well, it’s a similar story with games; show me your games, and I’ll tell you who you are.

1997: diddy kong racing               1998: banjo-kazooie


1999: aoe 2: the age of kings        2000: banjo-tooie


2001: mario tennis                            2002: tony Hawk’s pro skater 4

          File:THPS4 screenshot-PC.jpeg

2003: mario kart: double dash!       2004: thief: deadly shadows


2005: voyage                                  2006: twilight princess

         A boy in a green tunic holds a shield while swinging his sword towards an enemy.

2007: assassin’s creed                     2008: mario kart wii


2009: avatar: the game                    2010: heavy rain

         Avatar-video-game-cover.jpg                     Image result for heavy rain

2011: mario kart 7                               2012: journey


2013: brothers: a tale of two sons     2014: never alone


2015: rise of the tomb raider         2016: uncharted 4


2017: thimbleweed park                   2018: ???

Note: This list is based upon games I've played.


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